Sergei Ioannisyan

Founder Sweetbeats, Berklee Educator


"Lars has worked with our band, The Sweetbeats. Our band is one of the top 10 young bands in Boston. We have won a bunch of awards and made it to The Hall of Fame by The Knot in 2016. Lars made a big contribution to our success. Lars has a perfect combination that is very hard to find ::: he is an amazing drummer with very strong professional ethics, extremely reliable and always prepared. I can't recall Lars being late for any of our gigs, rehearsals or meetings even once.  I am still impressed how Lars approached learning the band's material in a very short period of time. He has learned close to a 100 songs thoroughly and he always knew the beat, the form and paid very close attention to each little detail of each song, plus he had a talent to add his own unique feel to it. He is very easy to work with and a big asset to any band of any level."
Sergei 2

Kim Plainfield

Berklee Professor, Independent Professional





"Lars Nijman was a student of mine at Berklee College of Music.  I consider myself fortunate to have worked with such an extraordinary talent and one with exemplary discipline.  He possesses all the qualities to be at the forefront of todays up and coming drummers.  If you haven’t heard about Lars, you will shortly."

Kim Plainfield

Noah Lubert

Singer ::: songwriter, Berklee Alumn





"Working with Lars in the studio was one of the most positive recording experiences of my career to date. He brought my songs to life and always a good vibe at sessions. Around the studio we called him The Weapon from Holland."

Noah 2

Kim Weemhoff

Candy Dulfer, Columnist Slagwerkkrant, Drum Teacher


"Of all the students I have seen in 35 years (and I have teached some of the best in Holland) Lars Nijman was definitely the most powerfull and energetic drummer among them. Within 2 years  it became  a challenge to teach him! (and i'm no slob either they say..) His blazing speed and power, eagerness to learn and given talent together with the discipline to study, practice and pushing the craft of drumming will bring him to the forefront of drumset players in the world today, I'm sure! "

Kim Weemhoff